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15% off a second box! (Applies to all our regular boxes)

Its almost the end of January, hooray!!

Its almost the end of January, hooray!!

What a long month its been, but thankfully, the last week of January is upon us and we can start to look forward to lighter evenings and a feeling that spring is getting closer! 

We have Valentines Day to look forward to, and we have created a beautiful Brownie box with three delicious flavours inside, a very special treat for the loved ones in your life (and they don't have to be romantic loved ones, your bestie, or parents or just a good friend could be treated to a lovely surprise!). Keep an eye on our social media pages to see more! 

Tell us in the comments who would be deserving of a Valentines Day treat from you this year? I think I would send it to my mum (sorry Craig!) as she is always the one who helps me out all year round whenever we need her to, she is my Valentines this year!

Solance xo


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